Course Exam Testing Methods

There are currently four different course exam testing methods available for students enrolling in our correspondence/distance education courses.  Following is a description of each.  Please ensure that you read each option carefully to ensure that you register for your preferred method:

  1. Online
  2. Proctored
  3. Proctored Online
  4. Proctored at C.E.L.I.’s office


The “Online” and “Proctored” options are approved for the following courses :

Real Estate – #29622, #29623, #30906, #31450, #31627, #31628, #31650, #31651.

Home Inspection – available for  all courses.

1.  ONLINE:  Students will review their textbook/manual and then complete their course exam entirely online.  A username, password and website link (available 24 hours/day) will be provided for accessing the course exam.  For Real Estate students, once the course exam has been successfully completed, and the required reporting forms have been submitted to C.E.L.I., then we will report the course completion electronically to TREC.  For Home Inspection students, once the course exam has been successfully completed, students have the ability to print out their course certificate.  TREC requires inspection students to submit course certificates directly to them.

2.  PROCTORED:  Students will review their textbook/manual.  The course exam will be mailed to a third party proctor that the student chooses.  Once the exam is completed in the presence of the proctor, the proctor will return the course paperwork by mail to C.E.L.I. for grading.  For Real Estate students, C.E.L.I. will report the course completion electronically to TREC. For Home Inspection students, the student is required to submit a course certificate to TREC; therefore, C.E.L.I. will mail/email a certificate to  the student.


The “Proctored Online” and “Proctored at C.E.L.I. Office” are new methods, which became available 09/01/17 to comply with new course requirements implemented by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  TREC requires proctored exams for ALL 30-hour Real Estate Qualifying Courses.

3.  PROCTORED ONLINE:  A username, password and website link (available 24 hours/day) will be provided for accessing the coursework.  After reviewing each chapter of the textbook, students will complete a brief topic quiz online.  There will also be various scenario based learning exercises that will be completed online as well.

Once all coursework is complete, students will then choose a proctor to administer the course exam.  C.E.L.I. will send the proctor a unique username/password, which they will be required to enter into the online testing system before the student will be allowed to proceed to the course exam.  The proctor will ensure that all testing instructions are followed.  Once the course exam has been completed, the required paperwork is returned to C.E.L.I. for verification.  Upon successful completion, C.E.L.I. with mail/email a course certificate to the student.  If the student has chosen to complete the course exam at C.E.L.I.’s office, the student will complete the course exam and then receive a course certificate upon successful completion.

4.  PROCTORED AT C.E.L.I.’S OFFICEStudents will schedule a time to come to C.E.L.I.’s office to complete all coursework and course exam.  Upon successful completion, C.E.L.I. will issue a course certificate to the student.



A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam and agrees to fulfill the proctor responsibilities required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The proctor will verify a student’s identity and will ensure that academic integrity guidelines are followed during the exam. Per TREC rules, a proctor can be any of the following: (1) notary public; (2) employee at an official testing or learning/tutoring center; (3) librarian at a school, university, or public library; (4) college/university administrator, faculty, or academic advisor; (5) clergy affiliated with a specific church, temple, synagogue, or mosque; (6) an educational officer of a military installation or correctional facility.