24 Hour Package #1

24 Hour Package #1

CELI Course #: ICE 24HR#1
Price: $422.00

ICE 039: Hydraulics - 4 hours
This course is to enable the designer of an irrigation system to apply the principles of hydraulics to select the irrigation products and develop the water delivery system with assurance that the installed system will perform efficiently with volume and pressure from the available water supply. The explanation of hydraulics in this course has been simplified so that the behavior of water, when at rest and in motion, can be easily understood.

ICE 816: Micro-Irrigation - 4 hours
This course is limited to basic design considerations relating to the use of micro-irrigation products as compared to broad coverage methods of landscape irrigation. It is not intended to be complete text that will provide all of the knowledge necessary for the design of micro-irrigation systems.

ICE 837: Cross Connections - 4 hours
This course explains some of the methods used to prevent the possible backflow of irrigation water into the potable water supply. The text is limited to the basics of cross connection control as normally required in landscape irrigation systems. It is not intended as a text that will provide all of the knowledge necessary for the broad range of requirements for backflow prevention. Example installations are provided for reference only.

ICE 838 Pumps - 4 hours This course is intended to acquaint designers of irrigation systems utilizing pumps with technology in a very limited and general way. The course allows the designer to understand the basic pump operation and the variable factors of pumping water before designing an irrigation system for a particular flow and pressure requirement. The course provides the designer with the important concept of design economics and the considerations that must be used in the pumping system design.

084 - Water Resource Protection - 4 hours The first part of this course will explain why we need water resource protection and discuss the major problems associated with it. The second part focuses on system performance and the many variables which can affect the performance of a landscape irrigation system.

ICE 1313: Advanced Irrigation Design for Landscape Water Conservation - 2 hours There is a new ethic driving the irrigation design process and it's called Water Conservation. This course and manual are a reflection of this new ethic and explore different approaches to the design process that ultimately will allow us to irrigate our landscapes, parks and golf courses using far less water. Advances have been made in irrigation technology that really aid in the design process. Changes and improvements in the design process that aid in water conservation efforts will benefit all of the irrigation industry.

ICE 1311: Landscape Irrigation Wiring and Troubleshooting - 2 hours The purpose and intent of this manual and course is to provide the irrigation professional with the knowledge and skills to become more proficient. This is especially critical for the more sophisticated irrigation systems being designed and installed in today's market. Many of the components utilized in today's controllers, decoders and sensors are more sensitive to the proper wire, wire connectors and grounding. Following proper safety procedures and installation instructions by the manufacturer will likely assure a better installation, minimize problems in the future, and make the control system more reliable over time.