Home Study Real Estate Courses

If you are looking to obtain or renew a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent or Broker license, consider registering for a home study course.  Home study courses are available for Pre-Licensing, Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE), and  Continuing Education (CE).

The home study program will allow you to complete your required education at your own pace from any location, and at an affordable rate. The TREC approved courses that are offered include quality textbooks that are yours to keep and also include online testing.


Courses From C.E.L.I. – Your Path To Real Estate Success

When you make the choice to register with CELI, for your Texas real estate course requirements, you have made the decision to receive the best quality education… putting you in an ideal position to easily acquire the licensing you need to move forward in your career!

Affordable, Convenient, And Easy To Begin & Complete

  • Save money on costly enrollment fees, and the possibility of missed sales attending a classroom and sit for hours or days in an uncomfortable seat, surrounded by strangers… all to learn what you COULD be learning at home on your couch, or in your office!
  • Save gas money and avoid putting unnecessary miles on your vehicle by completing a home study course at your convenience.
  • Enjoy the convenience of working at your own pace on each course – whether you prefer to go full steam ahead, or methodically work your way through it between errands, the choice is yours!
  • Skip the complicated instructions and requirements that some real estate schools make you follow… our program is as simple as selecting the course(s) that you need, completing the registration form, and utilizing the straightforward materials you receive from CELI.

How To Get Started With The Courses You Need

Becoming a Texas Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

“I need pre-licensing courses so that I can be eligible to take the Texas real estate licensing exam. Where do I start?”

First, review the education requirements that must be completed before you apply to take the for the salesperson licensing exam:

As of September 1, 2012, to be eligible to apply for a salesperson license, an applicant must have completed a minimum of 180 hours consisting of Principles of Real Estate, Law of Agency, Law of Contracts, Promulgated Contracts Forms, and Real Estate Finance.

Next, select the appropriate course(s) that you need to fulfill the pre-licensing requirements, and complete the registration form.

For your convenience, a 6-course/180 hour discounted package is available. This is the recommended option for convenience of registration, in addition to its significant price savings.

Have you already completed some of the required courses, or do you prefer to register for the courses one at a time ? You may register for individual courses (6 courses, 30 hours each) so that you register only for the remaining courses you need.

How to Become a Licensed Individual Real Estate Broker in Texas

“I want to become eligible to take the Texas real estate broker licensing exam. What courses do I need?”

To become eligible to apply for a Texas real estate broker License, you must have at least four years active experience in Texas as a licensed real estate salesperson during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application. In addition, you must demonstrate not less than 3600 points of qualifying practical experience obtained during four out of five years as required by paragraph 535.56(b) of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission.

If you meet the above requirements, you then need to obtain a total of 900 hours, including 270 hours in CORE courses. The additional 630 hours may be CORE or RELATED courses. A 30 hour Brokerage course must also be completed as part of the 270 CORE hours. A Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university satisfies all of the “related” education requirements for a brokers license.

Click here to review and/or register for a broker pre-licensing CORE or RELATED course.

A “Broker Program” is offered to students interested in obtaining their Broker’s license, which allows the students to enroll in the courses at a discounted price. To be placed on the Broker Program, you must request to be placed on it. At the time of such request, a list of courses that you have completed will be obtained from TREC and a Broker file will be created for you. Once you are placed on the Broker Program, We will send you an outline of recommended courses and a plan to obtain the education requirements. As you complete the courses, your registration fees will be adjusted in accordance with the plan created for you.

“I just need to renew my license. What course(s) do I need?”

There are two separate types of continuing education. First, determine if your license is in SAE or CE status from the descriptions below:

Texas SAE (Sales Agent Apprentice Education) Courses

Select this set of courses if you are an active OR inactive salesperson under the SAE requirement.

If you are renewing for the first time, active and inactive salespersons who are under the SAE requirement must complete a total of 270 qualifying real estate course hours, in addition to TREC Legal Update I (4 hours) and TREC Legal Update II (4 hours).   Your education must be posted to your license record prior to renewing your license.

Texas CE (Continuing Education) Courses

Select this set of courses if you are an active salesperson or broker who is not subject to SAE requirements. All active Salespersons not subject to the SAE requirements are required to complete CE for an active license renewal. The CE requirement is 18 hours.  TREC Legal Update I (4 hours) and TREC Legal Update II (4 hours) must be completed as well as part of the 18 hour requirement.

In addition, effective September 1, 2012, a Broker who sponsors one or more Salespersons, the designated Broker of a business entity, and any license holder who supervises another license holder for six months or more during the course of the current license, must also complete a six hour Broker Responsibility course as part of the 18 hour requirement.