Become a Professional Real Estate Inspector



A Professional Real Estate Inspector is a person who is trained and qualified to perform real estate inspections and who accepts employment to perform a real estate inspection for a buyer or seller of real property.  Professional inspectors may also supervise or sponsor Real Estate Inspectors and Apprentice Inspectors.

C.E.L.I.’s Professional Inspector Licensing Program

Our Professional Inspector licensing program includes everything needed to qualify to take the state licensing exam.  The program consists of the following:

  • 330 hours – qualifying inspection courses
  • 64 hours – fieldwork and experience coursework


The qualifying inspection courses are offered through a combination delivery method.  Students will complete a total of 330 hours in qualifying courses, of which 165 hours are completed through correspondence and the remaining 165 hours are completed in a classroom environment.

In the correspondence portion, students will complete a series a topic quizzes, scenario exercises and a proctored final exam for each of the courses.  Students will complete the quizzes online.

For the classroom portion, students must be available to travel to Dallas to complete the required coursework.  Students will complete the remaining 165 hours of qualifying inspection courses as well as 40 hours of field work and 24 hours of interactive experience training.  During the field work portion, students will gain actual hands-on, real world experience and will ride along with an inspector performing an actual inspection.  Many other inspection schools tend to only have in house labs set up for this portion.