When it comes to finding the right job, there are a number of factors that you should consider. What are the hours? How much does it pay? Will it be flexible enough to work with my personal schedule? Depending on which of these factors is the most important, there are a number of careers that could be a good choice. If flexibility is your highest priority, however, then you definitely want to look into becoming a certified home inspector.

Continuing Education for Licensing knows just how fulfilling this career can be for you and also for the clients you will serve. If you are interested in learning how to become a home inspector, then read our blog to discover some of the benefits, and then contact us to learn about the home inspection courses we offer.

Be Your Own Boss

Many people who become home inspectors do so because they love the idea of being their own boss. In addition to being your own boss, you don’t have to worry about managing employees. If you want to take a day off to golf or hike, then do it and enjoy yourself! While there are many positive aspects to working for yourself, don’t forget that the responsibilities will be different than if you worked for someone else. You will be in charge of everything aspect of your business, and that will be a wonderful thing most days.

Decide How Big Your Business Will Be

One of the great things about starting your career as a home inspector is that it doesn’t require the same level of capital to start as many other businesses do. Whether you are brand new to the field, or have some experience, you will probably work from your home office for the most part — usually a kitchen table or possibly the couch. You will need a few tools and very little cash to get started. In fact, as your business grows, you might decide to add in some fun tools such as drones, to help with roof inspections.

Work for a Local Home Inspection Company

If starting a business on your own seems a bit intimidating, then start your career with an established company. Working for an established company provides security and a stable client base. During this time, you should focus on learning the tricks of the trade, developing your reputation, and getting the training you need to take your career to the next level. Without the pressure of being your own boss, you can focus on absorbing as much knowledge and experience possible so that when the time comes, you will be ready to step out on your own.

Provide a Valuable Service

One thing that most home inspectors share in common is the desire to help their clients. It is fulfilling to provide a service that you know is beneficial for people in your community. A home inspection provides the detailed answers that buyers need in order to have a clear picture of the home that they hope to purchase. It also provides valuable information to the sellers about the true condition of their home, which helps them to be prepared for concessions they may need to make.

If you are ready to make a change for the positive in your life, then consider pursuing a home inspection certification. You will have the flexibility, freedom, opportunity and relevance that you have always wanted in a career. Decide when you want to work, how much you want to work, and enjoy what you do! Home inspections offer the opportunity to help others in your community while affording you the fulfilling career you’ve always wanted. Contact Continuing Education for Licensing and let us help you achieve your dream job!