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TEXAS Landscape Irrigator Courses

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Correspondence Courses To Renew Your Texas Irrigator's License

At Continuing Education, we offer the right distance learning/correspondence courses you need to be eligible to renew your Texas irrigator's license. Our TCEQ-approved (provider #339) CE courses are designed to fit your busy schedule and to be completed at your own pace. In addition, the course completions are reported electronically, directly to the TCEQ. Contact us today if you have any questions about our courses, or check out our extended list of courses that are offered!

Steps for Completing our Distance Learning Irrigation Program:

  • You will receive a textbook, step-by-step student instructions, and all corresponding paperwork. Your material will be shipped promptly. Overnight delivery is available to those who are in a rush.
  • Review the textbook and complete the exam in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Provided that you have successfully completed the course exam with a minimum grade of 70%, your course completion will be reported to the TCEQ. A Certificate of Completion will be available to you for your records.


Choose Between Online Exams and Proctored Exams

You have two choices in completing your course exam. You may choose to complete a paper-based exam with a proctor, or you may choose to complete your exam online. Completing the online exam is the quickest method for those who are facing an approaching license expiration date. You will only be online long enough to complete the exam. Regardless of the method you choose, we will still ship the course material to you. Completing a course with C.E.L.I. couldn’t be any easier!

Irrigation Courses

Why Choose C.E.L.I?

Continuing Education for Licensing has helped the people of Texas with their real estate, home inspection, and landscape irrigator licensing for more than 20 years. Our comprehensive courses are approved by the required institutions and are easy to follow. Don’t settle for any other courses — ours have been tried and proven successful by many students who are part of Texas’ Real Estate, Home Inspection, and Landscape Irrigation industry. Check out all the courses we have to offer and contact us if you have any questions!

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Renew Your Landscape Irrigation License With Our Distance Education Courses!

We understand how important your time is. By completing one of our convenient courses, you can be assured that your license is renewed in a timely manner.

Irrigation Courses

Why Become an Irrigation Inspector?

Irrigation inspectors make sure that the complex irrigation system of a home is in good shape before approving a home’s transaction. You will also be able to do inspections on systems for home and business owners who want to know if their system is performing properly to avoid wasting water or damaging the area where the systems are installed.

Some things that you should know about irrigation systems is that the industry has made significant changes in the past couple of decades, and newer systems are often more water-efficient and built with better materials that can prove to last longer. As an irrigation inspector, you could be part of an industry that helps people realize the importance of not wasting water and make a positive impact on our environment.

Licensed Landscape Irrigator

Once you are licensed as a Texas Landscape Irrigator, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that you complete 24 CE hours to renew your license. Our TCEQ approved correspondence courses offer you the flexibility to complete your hours on your own schedule, no need to attend a classroom! Below are a few of the topics discussed in our continuing education courses.

The pipes and lines are a crucial part of the entire system and are something that should be checked often for cracks or broken pipes. Even if the entire system was checked in past seasons, it is wise to check it again for the following seasons to avoid water waste or have an inefficient irrigation system. Lower temperatures can crack the pipes if they reach freezing levels, sometimes even if they were previously emptied. Additionally, roots from nearby plants can grow towards the pipes, often causing damage to the lines.

Similar to the pipes, sprinkler heads and rotors can also be damaged by freezing temperatures, although that’s not the only way these can be rendered useless — lawnmowers are also considered to be sprinkler heads destroyers. The heads do have a lifespan and usually start to give out once the wear and tear causes the rotor or head to malfunction. A malfunction of the sprinkler system can turn a lawn or yard into a dry one, creating a bigger headache for the home or business owner.

With more modern irrigation systems, controllers have become more helpful pieces of equipment with a lot more possibilities. However, this also means that there are more pieces in a system that can malfunction or break. Making sure that these parts are functioning properly can help not only with making sure that the irrigation system waters the areas it needs to at the arranged times, but it also helps to avoid a dry landscape.

Online Irrigation License

Whether you want to become an irrigation inspector to start a new career or you want to complement your current path, Continuing Education for Licensing is here to provide you with comprehensive and efficient online and correspondence courses that can help you pass your irrigation licensing exam with ease and register to start working as an inspector. Contact our staff today if you have any questions or for more information about our courses, or check out all of our courses through the link below!

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