At Continuing Education for Licensing, our staff is committed to helping our students understand not only how our educational programs work, but also the guidelines for starting a new career! Select any link above to learn more about how our programs work or what is required to launch your new career through CELI.

1. Can I apply for a real estate sales agent’s license without a sponsoring broker?

YES. You can take the state test without a sponsoring broker but you will need a sponsoring broker before you can activate your license.

2. How do the state agencies know I have satisfied my license renewal requirement?

30 hour real estate and 8 hour and 16 hour inspection students, it is YOUR responsibility to submit proof to the appropriate state agency. Real Estate CE (4, 6, 10 or 18 hours) course completions and irrigation CEU’s will be submitted to the appropriate state agency by the educational provider.

3. Do I receive “college credit” hours?

NO. The hours received for these courses are hours approved through each state agency that governs a particular license and will only satisfy the license requirements set forth by that state agency.

4. What if I have a question or problem during the process of completing a course?

Our Business is YOU, the Student. A Program Coordinator is on staff to answer any question or concern you, the student may have during the course completion process. Use the toll free number listed. The answer to your question is just a phone call away.

5. What is the difference between this educational program and other program(s)?

A Great Deal of Difference. This program offers students a “one on one” educational process which means we welcome your phone calls and are available to answer any question you may have. Unlike some programs that are concerned ONLY with the “bottom line”, we are here to educate you. Textbooks (yours to keep) are published and printed by experts in the field, NOT written or printed “in house”.

6. What is the difference in “online testing” and “proctored testing”?

Students who have enrolled in a course with online testing will receive an email containing their username/password as well as the link to the online testing site. Online testing offers students a more convenient method in completing their quiz and/or final exam. Students can complete their quiz and/or final exam from any computer as long as they have access to the online testing link. In addition, once the final exam has been completed, the results will be provided immediately and the student will have the option of printing their certificate or having it mailed to them. A proctored test is where the final exam is mailed to a third party and the student completes the final exam at the proctor’s location. The main purpose of a proctor is to verify the student’s identity and to monitor the student while they are completing their exam. Proctor qualifications are library, school or notary. When the final exam is completed (in the presence of the proctor) there will be a pre-addressed envelope for the student to mail the exam back to C.E.L.I. Express grading and faxing the certificate is also available.

7. Can I re-take a test if I fail it?

Per current TREC rules, a student is only allowed two opportunities to pass a final exam. A minimum passing grade of 70% must be achieved.