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Texas's Best Real Estate License Courses

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Don’t Let Your Real Estate License Expire

At Continuing Education, we are dedicated to providing you with the best online and correspondence education so you can renew your real estate license or broker’s license to continue working as a real estate professional. To renew your license, you need to first determine if your renewal falls under the Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) or Continuing Education (CE).

Why Keep Your License Up To Date?

  • Allows you to keep working in the real estate industry
  • In the case of renewing your license after it has expired, you may have to pay extra fees
  • Working as a real estate agent with an expired license may incur penalties
  • You never know when the deal of your life will come, it would be a shame for it to catch you off guard!

Networking Opportunities

Great Commissions

Reliable Career Path

Become an Inspector

SAE (Sales Agent Education) Courses

All active and inactive salespersons, who are under the SAE requirement must show evidence of having completed a minimum of 90 hours in qualifying real estate education plus four hours of Legal Update I and four hours of Legal Update II during the two-year license term so that a total of 278 hours have been completed by the end of the second year of licensure. If your broker has made you a supervisor for six months or more, you also need to take the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course as part of the 278-hour requirement.

SAE Courses

Our SAE Courses Include:

  • The full 98- and 90-hour course packages
  • Courses on legal update
  • Real estate marketing
  • Real estate investment
  • Broker responsibility
  • Property management

CE (Continuing Education) Courses

Continuing Education – Active Sales Agents who are not subject to SAE requirements are required to complete CE for an active license renewal. The CE requirement is 18 hours, in which 8 of the 18 hours must consist of Legal Update I and Legal Update II.

Once you have determined your continuing education requirement, be sure to make your course selection. Take advantage of the convenient home-study courses we offer and complete your education requirements on your schedule.

CE Courses

Our CE Courses Include:

  • Property pricing
  • Short sale and foreclosure
  • Property management
  • Commercial real estate courses
  • Courses on how to minimize risk
  • Legal update courses
  • And more!
Why Renew Your Real Estate License

We Offer More!

At Continuing Education for Licensing, we offer up-to-date courses and education for those who are wanting to pursue a career in real estate. We also have comprehensive and easy-to-follow courses for real estate inspection and for irrigation — these are great complementary courses that can help you advance in your real estate career even more.

You won’t find a more complete set of courses for real estate anywhere else. If you are interested in starting your real estate pursuit of knowledge today, contact our team and we will be happy to assist you!

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Keep Your Real Estate License Active

There are many reasons why keeping your real estate license active is a good thing. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of that can help you in the long run. At Continuing Education for Licensing, you can find all the necessary courses to help you in your search for knowledge as well as to improve your skills as a real estate agent or broker. Our comprehensive courses facilitate your education and keep your skills sharp so you can keep growing inside your career path!

SAE Courses

Benefits of Keeping an Active License

The Access

As a real estate licensed agent, you are able to have access to listings that otherwise would not be at your fingertips and you would have to rely on another broker or agent to allow you the information. Sometimes, for real estate, a day of waiting can mean business lost. Most good real estate agents are sought after by people looking to either buy for themselves or do business and they are commonly beyond busy handling a portfolio of clients which can translate into them not having enough time to give the hot deals that usually don’t last long — keeping your license active can mean that you can be your own middleperson!

Extra Income

Having already done the initial courses and practices to gain your real estate license means that all you need to keep it active is a few hours of education and a small renewal fee — this is only a small percentage compared to the extra cash that you could make with the license itself.

You see, you might not be interested in being a 24/7 real estate agent — it takes time and great effort to make this your life career. However, there are always opportunities that can arise, and you might see a great gold mine where other people are seeing a dry well. That extra income can be something that you take advantage of a couple of times a year to justify not only the cost of license renewal but also extra spending money aside from your main job.

The Contacts

Although you don’t need to have a real estate license to go out there and meet people, having the license can help you stay up to date with the real estate world and facilitate the constant flow of connections with prominent people that might be interested in someone who can help them out in their home searching or business making endeavors.


This point relates to the previous one mentioned. Getting to know more people and interact with business-oriented people can help you improve your own knowledge of the business world and perhaps guide you in the right direction to become a business owner yourself. You never know when the opportunity strikes and the more boxes of tools you have, the more chances you will get to get you where you want to go.

Real estate does not have to be your life career but it can definitely be a side job that can help you make money and know interesting people along the way. At Continuing Education for Licensing, we are excited to present you with the many options in educational courses to expand your knowledge and career in the real estate world with classes that include information for sales agents, brokers, home and irrigation inspectors, and much more. Contact our team today and start the path to renew your license today!

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