MCE (Non SAE) Courses

All Brokers and Sales Agents who are not subject to SAE requirements must complete a minimum of 18 CE hours every license renewal period. All license holders are required to complete the TREC Legal Update I (4 hours) and TREC Legal Update II (4 hours) courses as part of the renewal requirements.

A broker or a designated broker of a business entity, who sponsors one or more sales agents during their current license period, or a delegated supervisor of one or more license holders for a period of six months or more during the supervisor’s current license period must also complete the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course as well. Currently, we offer 4 packages that contain Broker Responsibility.

For your convenience, ALL 18 hour packages include the required 4 hours – Legal I and 4 hours – Legal II.

PLEASE NOTE: Students should be aware of the course expiration dates noted in each course/package description. All exams for the courses/packages must be completed by the course expiration date or within 120 days from date of registration, whichever is sooner.

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