As a real estate agent, your days are generally busy and different. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of setting your own schedule and being able to take time off for your family’s activities.

The sky’s the limit as to how much money you could earn in real estate!

The more work you are able to put in, the greater the reward.

Real estate is a massive and diverse industry, which means that no matter where you live, there’s always a demand for new agents.

When you help people with what is likely the biggest financial decision of their lives, they tend to treat you with respect.

The only downside is that your income is entirely dependent on sealing the deal. Just like other work-from-home career options, you’ll undoubtedly start small, but referrals in real estate can be a huge source of business. Additionally, if you build a savings account, you’ll always have a safety net for the slow times.

If you have children who are involved in school or sports activities, then these could be great ways to find new clients. The longer you work in real estate, the more your schedule will fill up — and so will your bank account!

If you’re convinced that real estate is the right career for you, then we have good news. Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. (CELI) can teach you what you need to know! Contact us today.